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Immediate Announcement Of Changes In Treasury Shares

BackOct 10, 2018
Date of transaction 10 Oct 2018
Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Type of changes Resale
Total number of treasury shares changed (units) 1,000,000
Minimum price paid for each share sold ($$) 0.420
Maximum price paid for each share sold ($$) 0.420
Total consideration received ($$) 418414.00
Total number of treasury shares held after the resale or transfer 8,365,100
Adjusted issued capital after cancellation (no. of shares) (units) 458,366,718


Remarks :

Resale of treasury shares in open market. The total number of issued shares remain unchanged i.e. 458,366,718.

Announcement Info

Stock Name NGGB
Date Announced 10 Oct 2018
Category Immediate Announcement of Changes in Treasury Shares
Reference Number SB4-10102018-00001


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